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March 12th-2012

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My first date appointment
My first appointment date with a girl took place about two years ago. Her name was Maria and she lived in Valencia. She was seventeen years old, she had wonderful big blue eyes, she was very tall although not taller than me. I loved her curly blond hair and her long legs. She usually wore jeans and casual clothes.
We met each other during a summer holidays in Lo Pagan beach. We spent two wonderful months; we stayed together every minute, everyday. It was like “love at first sight”.
On the 3rd August, we had our first date appointment: we met at about 21´00 o´clock because we had decided to have dinner at an important restaurant there called “Gallego”. Afterwards we bought two tickets for the cinema. We watched “the tourist” (I can remember it was a great film). When we went out, it was a little bit late but we decided to have a walk along the sea. We spent about a whole hour talking about our lives and future plans. We were very happy together. María asked me for a serious relationship but I thought it was something very difficult because of the distance.
As I have explained before, we stayed together for the whole summer. It was very hard to say “bye”. And I have never seen her any more. I really missed her.