Have a nice summer!!!!!summer4.gif

Hi Alicia, your mark for this wiki will be 01-f.gif

Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif

March 12th-2012

Hi Alicia. Ok, there's one task missing and I think you can improve a lot if you don't forget your homework and leave it to the last day. 09.gif

2nd December

Only there are one soft drink that I like... Fanta. But I only like "orange" Fanta. I don't like "lemon" Fanta, Coca Cola, Pepsi... No.
But I drink Fanta rarely, only when I go out, because, I like Fanta yes, bur I don't like so better soft drinks. Normally, I drink water.

2nd December

That night, we went to drink something in a bar on the beach. At the end we walked by the seashore, and we lay on a towel on the sand, looking the full moon, and listening to music.
Then, he looked at me, and asked me
-Will you be my girlfriend?
I said yes, and since then, we are together.

2nd October
My name is Alicia. I'm 17 years old and I live in Fortuna (Murcia), with my parents and my two little brothers. I have a cat, called "Bonnie", and two dogs, called "Hanna" and "Lupe". I've got a long brown hair, and brown eyes.


I like playing tennis, but I think to see watching it on TV is boring. I like rock, heavy and reggae music. I like painting and drawing. I like to go out with my friends or my boyfriend.
But my favourite hobby is sleeping.