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About a beginning I think that if they are the best years since the teenagers we do what we want and have a major free time but on the other hand this one the one that we have to dedicate a lot of time to studying and it is not that we like it much. Sincerely it is the best age because you do of everything and sometimes it is the first time that you do these things and this way it is different.

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A favour: The majority of the teenagers if they are addicted to the purchases but I think that this problem this one related to the girls since they are they those who mas spend in clothes or in other things.

In against: I do not think that the teenagers we are a few addicts to the purchases since only we buy what we need and if we have the money since we become exhausted it in what we need or want.

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A favour : I think that if they write their own songs as they are the same those who sing and so can transmit better and they know what they want to tell us through the song.

Against : I think that should not be the ones to write their letters and that has nothing to do and so the writer would not have work songs.

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I think all people who pirate movies or to download them for use here one of the most common is related to the large increase in money that has been in the atersand you downloade is free and that is why movies are copied and downloaded illegally.

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The person who is going to talk Iker Casillas,everyone oral most every one know this great Spanish goalkeeper.His professional career began very young with 19 years at Real Madrid, gradually matured and grow as a player until it be come that. In the feature work effort and seen as this is difficult for a Spanish player at Real Madrid play around.

He is currently the captain of the selection

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Piracy in Somalia is a fact that happens to life situations is there and from here one could solve the problem if with the help of all and in much of Somalia. This would have to improve their economic situation and so these "thieves" would not do more robberies or kidnappings and piracy in Somalia ending.

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Fifth activity

Young people are not very interested in politics as many of those who are olderand can vote do not

In my opinion should not be this way because in the future will we choosepoliticians who decide the laws that we should meet and that is why we must decide our future

In short I think we should we care a little more because politics is and will beimportant in our future.

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