Eleventh Assigment"The Teenage years are the best yerar of your life"external image ojotriste.jpg
Like most people, I think that the adolescence is a difficult stage,

when all the people must live, but it aren't easy, as in this period,the girls become in women and the boys became in men.Also, in this stage, Sexuality develops our shiny.
In contrast, also true that this stage is a period of love and news
Also, in she lives the firs kiss, the first time, and also, in this periodo the peole aremore beautiful and attractive. Is a stage to love, enjoy, out going, and daring with all.
All in all, this advantages an disadvantages, was lived by all the world.
external image couple.jpg

Tenth Assigment"Young people are all shopaholics"
It is true that young people, overcoat the teenagers loves buy in aShopping Centre and they spend a lot of money in clothes, games,supplements...
On the hand, many people love shopping, and they meet their needs buying.Personally, I like shopping, and not only by fashion, but also by hobbye.
All the weekend, I and my family or my friends, going shopping at the Shopping Centreexternal image detailsfeatures5h_thumb.jpgThe Condomina or the Thader, in Murcia.
On the other hand, a lot of teenagers buying by need.and spend a lot of moneyin shopping unnecesary. This questions should turn up in a psychological problem
In conclusion, the two hands in it ens is goods. The two types or person mustcontrol his money and his brain.

Nineth Assignment"Band should write their own songs"
Some people belive that the songs of the famous was writting by then.On the one hand, the most albums of the singer, aren't writting by they, but in
some the singer collaborate. Many people listening music if the song willwritting by the singer.
Every day, the famous singer, is buying songs at the composer, every time more
On the other hand, the people that listeng all type of music, they don't care.301346_fullsizeimage_lady-gaga-playing-piano-in-concert_(1).jpgxexpensive.
For example, the well-know singer Lady GaGa, was writting her own songs...

Eighth AssignmentIn my opinion, the illegal downloading has got a economic origin.Many people download music, films, books and other thingsevery dayin their computer free. Personaly, I download music in my mobile smartphoneand in my computer I'm download films, programs, games....I know that this accion is illegai, but I don't care.

Seventh AssignmentRihannaRihanna.jpgRobyn Rihanna Fenty, is a singer, who was born in Barbados in 1988.Her music has influences of style as Rock, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall and overcoat
Pop. He has beautiful and magic green eyes, long legs, a spectacular physical and dark hair, butshe change her colour when she published a new musical album (now, she has blonde hair)
In 2003, when Rihanna was fifteen years old, she knew a well-known producer Evan Roger andImmediately, she have been contracted by Jay-Z. Her first album debut was "Music of the Sun",which had great succes. But the album the she become famous had the song "Umbrella". In her life,she have been abused by her previous boyfriend. After, she was happy with the basebal player, Matt Kemp, butright now, she is single.
For the next years, she have been succeded in all aspects of the fame. She was participated in films,as a model, as a advertising icon an the other fields. She has secured he legs. Also her videoclips has causedontroversies and censorship.
Her songs more successful are:Don't Stop the music Rude boyOnly girl in the world DisturbiaS&M Russian RuleteWe found love Who that chick?Where have you been Man down
In my opinion, I think that Rihanna is the best of the a current music.Her beauty, her voice, her musica, her smile an her eyes haven't limits.

Sixth Assignment

In my opinion, the piracy, in Somalia is impossible to stop.The pirates was attacking from 90's, they have been shattereand they have been stolen.
In 2009, this organitation assumed a major threat to spanish fishes and others boats, from that began it activity.The Goverment intervened.
In sumary, this type of delinquency, won't have ended until the measuresof the government are harder or that the problems og his country resolved then.

Política.jpgFift assignment: Politics
A lot of people think that the teenagers aren't interested in politics.But, though the majority of the youngers aren't think on the politics... A part of teenagers think and take part in forums, blogs an web pagesIn my opinion, the politicians must be renewed and create a politc that interstsat the people young... Secondly, the society would change it point of view on the politics.... since these are person and they can be wrong To sum up, the two parts must change it behervius for a best social conviviaty.

Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif
March 12th-2012

Hello Antonio. Go on working and try to revise your writings. FIRST EVALUATION- Dec 4th09.gif

Fourth Assignment

The old pagan Spanish tradition Spanish is the Juan's night
This day was celebrateding in 24th June... this night is always new moon.
In this tradition was burning wooden is burnt and antique furniture and
scarecrow... This magic night, very many people are given off their promise,that is writing in the paper.Wizard, Magus, and witch take advantage this day for predictingthe secrets of future that the fire spirits revealed.mujer_danza_de_fuego.jpg



Third Assignment

2389-2388-large.jpgMy favourite drink is Fanta (of orange). I have been drinking it since for a few years.
My parents are trying prohibition,to forbid it because it is harmful and carcinogenic; but
it was impossible. Fanta is the most flavor and her bubbles are special.
This drink, I drank for the first time, with my grandparennts, they bought for me my.I was three years old.

Hi Antonio José, I'm your teacher. Fine, go on working that way! 6_small14.gif (October 13th)

Second Assignment

The last summer, I had my first date, I met a beutiful girl,in on the beach.I didn't remember her name, but we were together everything night.First, we walkeding to shore of the beach. While we were walking,I spoke of about my likes and my hobbies. Afterwards, we were having had dinnerat the Italian restaurant.Finally, we were going went to an afterhour andnext we slept on the beach.The next day, she disappeared. Sometimes, I ask me:It is Is it a dream?

First Assignment
BLANCA_(12).jpgI'm Antonio José, I'm seventeen years old. My happy birthday
is I was born on 19th March in 1994. I'm from Murcia and I live in Las Torres de Cotillas,
withDSCN5149.JPG my parents, Antonio and Pilar, and my brother, José Alejandro.
I have green eyes, black hair and I'm very tall.
My family isn't wealthy doesn't very expensive, but she's they're affectionate
and fabulous, overcoat my grandparents, María and José.
My hobbies are drawing, painting, doing sculpture, listening to music, swimming,
going out with my friends...

I love sleeping, cooking and of course eating.
My friends are Mayka, Alba, Guillermo, Carolina, Leticia...
they're the best...