I agree with this, I have the best friends in the world and boyfriend too, is the best moment in my life, the studies more o less but this years I see Britney Spears on stage, I travelled to France with my boyfriend, I go to party, cinema, homes of friends, swimming pool with them, I have know new people in my high school, I draw in canvas and much more, I have more good things that bad, I hope continue as this and I ever more independent I don't want grow, I prefer this, best that childhool.




I'm a for this, all young people loves buy in shops,when they have some money go to the shopping centre, the girls prefer shop of clothing, shoes, perfume and boys too, also computers game. Few young people don't save his money and spend it in nonsense.



I think I against with this, very writers wish write a song to famous singer and they sing it and this writers maybe can't sing, they don't have a beautiful voice but they have excellent songs that singers can be used.But also, all people like songs write by her favorite singer and other people says that : is bad singer because he don't write own songs.I'm against with this.

04.gif March 12th-2012


The reasons for copying movies illegally is because the movies in the cinema are expensive, old movies aren't to buy in shops.
Movies illegally are free,comfortable and easy


BRITNEY SPEARS Is a singer since 1999,born December 2, 1981 in Lousiana. When si have three years old was selected to perfom a solo at the annual recital, at five years old singing "What Child Is This?", at age eight travelled to New York for audition of "The Mickey Mouse Club" but her was very young to participe in this club, in December 1992 she was finally cast in "The Mickey Mouse Club" but returned to Kentwood when the show was canceled.
Her debut album "...Baby, one more time" in January 1999,received a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Singles of this album are "...Baby one more time", "(you drive me) Crazy","Sometimes", "Born to make you happy" and "From the Bottom of my broken heart". She have a tour called ...Baby one more time Tour, an extension of the tour "Crazy 2k".
The second album : "Oops!... I did it again" in May 2000. Sold over 20 million copies worldwide, the singles are "Oops!... I did it again","Stronger" , "Lucky" and "Don't let me the last to know". The tour of this album is "Oops!... I did it again tour".She performed at 2000 Video Music Awards and datin with Justin Timberlake.
The third album: "Britney" had a hit with "I'm Slave 4 U" and other singles are "Overprotected", "I'm not a girl, No yet a woman", "I love rock `N` roll" and "Boys" her perform in the MVA 2001 with a snake. The tour is "Dream within a dream".
The fourth album is "In the zone" in 2003,her singles are "Me against the music" with Madonna, "Toxic","Everytime" and "Outrageous". The tour is "The onyx hotel", in the MVA 2003 her perfom was with Madonna and Christina Aguilera and kissed with Madonna and she married with Kevin Federline and have two childrens.
The fifth album is "Blackout" in 2007 is the dark season of Britney,she divorced of Kevin, her manager abuse,removed her children, her single "Gimme more" and perform this is a flot, she is fat and shaves her head. The singles are Blackout are "Gimme more", "Piece of me" and "Break the ice". Britney go to the clinic of rehab.
In 2008 her album "Circus" where she is recovering and have the hit with "Womanizer" it is a Nº1 in Billboard Hot 100, other singles are "Circus","Radar" and "If you seek amy". The tour is "The circus starring: Britney Spears".
And the latest album is "Femme fatale" in 2011, her singles are "Hold it against me","Till the world ends", "I wanna go", this 3 are Nº1 and "Criminal".The tour is "Femme fatale" and with this recovers the crown of princess of pop, her children and she married with Jason Trawick in 2012.
Now repose this year.
My opinion of this person is symbol of overcoming. "No Britney, No Pop"


Somali pirates have captured boat in waters far away of the costs, has been active on the coast of Somalia for more than 10 years.Russia has proposed to attack the pirate base. The patrol have two objetives:
  1. intercept the pirates before they attack ships
  2. maintain the security of a sea route to deliver food to Somalis
In my opinion, should approve an agreement of peace.

I don't agree wITH this, not all young people are disinterested in politics but adults despise them because think that are very young
for politics. The reason is that the young people aren't comfortable whit the political, think in their future and want take their opinions and
They defend social diversity, equality of women, law of blacks and more.
Young people think about politics, in the country and want a better nation.


Hi Carolina. I think you can do it better. Try to improve your writings next time. FIRST EVALUATION. Dec 4th09.gif

- Do you know any old pagan Spanish tradition?

In Spain the old pagan tradition is San Juan, in this day people light up fires, this was to "give power to the sun" because the later days going to be shorter in winter. It has a function too, purified who see the fires.
The day varies, in some places it can be June,24 and other place 21, 22 , 23, 24 or 25 because of territorial site.
I don't like this tradition.

1. Which is your favourite soft drink and in which occasions do you usually have it?

My favourite soft drink is Coca-Cola because it have has a delicious taste, it's very famous, cheap and have has various types.
Before I drank used to drink very much Coca-Cola, sometimes I have it in partyies, in my house,in school, when I go to restaurant always I ask a Coca-Cola, in school... but now rarely drink a Coca-Cola, I drink more water.

Hi, I'm your teacher. Well done!!! Go on working .6_small14.gif (October 11th)

My first date was on October 9, 2010
He said in the afternoon to go to the cinema to see a new movie but I said I had no money. After, I found money in my room but I don't didn't know what to wear. I wear wore a withe t-shirt and red pants( trousers).
I went to his house and go went to the cinema but we hope waited in the park, at eight o'clock we entered in the cinema and I was nervous and the film was very long but i liked it.
When finished the film finished we walked in the park and we ate chips.
In the end, he accompanied me to my house and of a continuation of thishow this was going on is a secret,haha
Now he is my boyfriend.


Hello, I'm Carolina López, I was born in Murcia (Molina de Segura) on February 15, 1992. When I was 5 years old I lived in Torrealta, a district of Molina de Segura.
I'm medium average height, I have black hair, brown eyes, white skinned.

My hobbies are painting, drawing, taking photos and playing tetris.

I love sleeping and listening to Britney Spears, I like animals but I love so much dogs, I have one, his name is Sonic.

I live with my uncle and my dog is in my grandfather's house. My uncle is not tall, he has green eyes and black hair and my dog is very small, fat and silver, is a yorkshire. And I have two sisters, Marta and Claudia, Marta lives with her boyfriend and my little sister lives with my parents.

My friends are Emilio, Luis, Toni, Yepes and a girl, Alba, and more. I have a boyfriend, he was my best friend, called Adrián but I say call him Sánchez.