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An Opinion Essay: "The teenage years are the best years of your life" Do you agree?

I think that teenage years are a good time, but not the best of our life. Others periods of our life also be important. Adolescence is a time which tanagers are not sure of its decisions but the most beautiful of that time is that the brain, body an all our values are made. Everything learned in that time make our as person. If we choose a good walk or we take what we really want, in the future we'll become respectable adults



A For and Against Essay " Young people are all shopaholics" .

I'm not agree that young people are shopaholics but I don't deny that much young are obsessed with shopping. These young are people who can afford it because their parents or themselves give them money. In my case and that of many people, we are to work to make money and when we have got these money, If we don't need, we don't spend on shopping.
The shopping obsession is caused because the media treat to sell products which don't serve for nothing, and we buy it.
I think that people should spend the money on things that are absolutely necessary.


A For and Against Essay:"Bands should write their own songs"

I agree that bands should write and compose their own songs because it's the future and essence of bands. Many musicians use lyrics and songs made by other artists. This says a lot about a band and over time it shows.
In my opinion, I says that musicians must be honest and they should make us happy with their own songs. These songs should touch your soul to be good but sometimes this isn't achieved.


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Hi, I'm your teacher

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Hello!,my name is Joaquin Cano,I live in Spain in a little village of Murcia called Blanca. I have got black hair and I am not very tall. My favourite hobbies is playing the guitar, singing, canoeing and eating. My favourite food is paella and I often cook it on my own. I like nature and the peaceful life but it is better with my friends. My life is painting, I study arts in Eduardo Linares Lumeras High school in Molina de Segura. In the future I want to be a good artist and live in other country but I will always come back to my village. I am a extrovert boy and open minded to other cultures.