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Hi, I'm your teacher. Well done!! Pay attention to capital letters. FIRST EVALUATION
04.gif Dec 2nd

1. first assignment
Hello, my name is Jose Maria , I´m 17 years old, I live in Molina de segura, I love a lot o sports; spear fishing, climbing, football etc... in my free time , I like to paint graffiti and sometimes I go to practice carving.. I leave here some photos and video of this.spettonnnsnsnsns.JPG

2.second assignment

I think that a first date should be in a special site , in a beautiful beach,a good restaurant etc..
really ,site is not very important ,it is more important to be with a special person for you,
you should be polite with the other person to create a good first impression.
3. third assignment

My fauvorite soft drink is Monster energy , monster is a very energetic drink ,
I drink it when I do an intense physical exercise , before to going to run or riding a bike during
a long time, also when I got up early because I am very tired..

4. fourth assignment

The San Juan night is a night when Spanish people burns a doll , it is celebrated the last night of spring
for in order to celebrate the beginning of summer ,it´s said that to jump the fire when the doll is burning it will bring good luck.

5.fifht assignment

personally, i don´t like te politic, i think that there aren´t any really good politician, i can´t say that all politicians are corrups or thieves because i can´t know which are really their intentions, however, they spend much money in their owns salarys and only a bit in trying to improve the people´s live quality.politico1.jpeg
6.sixth assignment

in my opinion, the piracy on somalia is a problem which i could solve easily if it were my problem,
these pirates assail very large boats with much more small boats, but pirates are armed,
I would allow the captain of the ship to attack and ending with them.

7.seventh assignment

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very famous football player,he is considered one of best players in the world
he has played for many teams, sporting of Lisboa, manchester united and in the portuguese official team.
Now, cristiano is playing at real madrid, which have won the spanish league this year,
and he has scored 47 goals before to finish the championship.


8.eighth assignment

A reason to copy films are illegally is because the artist whose films are copied , they lose a lot of money,
however, i think that if go cinema were more cheap , much more peolpe would go to cinema every weeks ,
illegally downloads are very bad for the cinema industry.


9.ninth assignment

for me , in a song , the message is as important as the music.
I apreciate more a song which i feel indentified that a song with a beauty music,
because now, i am who i am thanks to some artists whose songs had trasmitted to me a lot of very good moral ideas
so, i think that an artist has not merit if he sings a song that he has not written. this picture shows my favorite artist.
He had never charge nothing for sing, however, he has become famous around the world and he had changed the live of many people.aldo-.jpg

tenth assignment

i think that young people needs to feel pretty with themselves,
they normally buy shoes,make-up or accesories but specially clothes.
girls usually buy innecesary things only for feel better, they usually buy so many clothes, specially in sales,
where you buy some clothes that you are going to wear in the next season (sales in summer sells winter clothes), and when
the weather is cold, then you do not like that clothes and buy newone, and probably for summer because is cheaper.
11.eleventh assignment

I think that teenage years are the most beautiful years of my life,on the one hand because i haven´t too much obligations
also, i am much more protected by law , i have not to pay any bill or food to my family, i haven´t got mi own job
and my life is much more quiet, on the other hand, i never haven´t got money and i cant´t to buy things i want.