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I don’t think teenage years is the best time in your life. When you are fourteen or sixteen you don´t know what that you want or what you think is better. You feel so strange and confused and sometimes angry. But It´s true that is a time to change and when you finished teenage years, you could live the best time in your life, because you know all that you want, and all you want be.
They could start smoking or have healthy problems.

People hate wearing old-fashions clothes, but when you are young. One of the most important thing in a girl was clothes.
Girls need to buy always, she can, new dresses new jeans…
Stores always bring new collections every season.
In the society we live all seek to fashion clothing.
The more I have more I want and less appreciation.It is a lawin our society.


In the actually, a lot of groups have people who writes their songs.
Songs are one of the most important thing in us culture.
We can feel love, saddly, worried, or happiest with a song.
Letter is so important I don’t mind who writes their songs, because you can sing very well, but you don’t write it well.

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March 12th-2012

What do you think that someone steal your job?
i will be so angry. But i am disagree with megaupload's closer.
I love music, and films. And dvds and cinema are expensive. So in the last ten years you could see films and heard music in internet.
Now if you want to heard music you must heard the radio.
And if you want to see a new film you must pay more than six euros.
Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein was born in Germany the 14th of March in 1879.
He was one of the most important scientific in the century.
When he was a child, he had some problems and everybody thought that he won`t be a normal boy. His mother gave him violin lessons.
He had a sister, her name was Maya.
He was studying in a catholic school.
Einstein was 15 when a teacher said: you will never be anything in your life.
In 1894 Albert and his family moved to Italy.
Hi fell in love, and in his live he always thought that woman are equal to men.
He got married with a women (Mileva) and he got a baby, her name was Liserl.
He died 18th of April in 1955.
Albert Einstein always hated arms, and he was a very pacifist pers
At first I dont think so.
If you ask your child about pirates,they will answer you that in reality does not exist.
But the true is different. Pirates are dangerous and they are a big problem for a lot of countries.
Pirates attacking ships in waters where countries can not do anything.
Pirates steal boats to rename and to move drug.
It’s not a joke, you must be careful with their!

I am young and I don’tno w a lot of politics but I have interest about it. Why?

One hand because Politicians govern a country, and in that country we live. We need now who they do with the rules and the country. I think that is a very important thing who Everyone should know something at least for vote.

The second hand is that young people always are in disagreement with politicians. But that magnifies their interest in the knowledge of politics.

Young people want to talk to adults in the important things and this is one of the topics of conversation

Finally I think we are interested but we don’t like the politics. The young people, think that politicians do not do their work well. I change something in the first sentences.
I think that:



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Old pagan tradition is the night of St. John, everyone thinks that is a catholic tradition, but is not really. In Ireland and US said the leyend that witches like this night
for celebrated magic festivals. This day is the summer solstice. In Spain everybody goes to the beach, they make a fire, and pull the wishes written on paper.
Students pull their notebooks.
This is the beginning of summer

My favourite soft drink is orange fanta. I don't drink it every days, but when i have party or i go out with my friends i always drink it.
I don´t like cola but orange fanta it's so good.
I prefer water in week, is more healty.fanta.jpg
Everydays, I got get the bus near my high school, some one day a good-looking boy waited in the same bus stop. The next he satied ??? stood over there again. The months spent passed and I saw tha boy everydays, somedays, he heard was listening to music, other days he wrote was writing in a book... but always in the same place. We never talked, One day I smiled at him but he didn`t do it anything. The next day I was ill and I couldn`t go to school. Two days Ii was ill but the third day I went to the bus stop. He looked me and smiled at me! Then I was nervous and my mp3 fell to the ground. He helped me quickly!. he saw my favourite song and smileing. He said:
-Do you like this song?
- I love it!
-me too :).
This is was our first date, we have been six years together.

My name is Juani, I'm eighteen years old. I love painting and hear music.
I have blue eyes and blond hair.
I don't like spiders, but i love the sea. My hobbys are swimming, and travel.
I want to be teacher.
I have one sister, Her name is Maria, she is taller than me. She has dark hair and brown eyes.
My mother's name is Juani, she is so beautifull she has green lights eyes.
And my father's name is Matias, he is a hard worker. He loves her job.
I have a pet, it is tortoise. It name is Morchon.