I think that adolescence is a best year on life, because life happiness is sown everyday's.
all in all has its difficulties: Studies, bad friends, broken heart... and the one hand good things: True friends, love, parties...etc
Now I live my adolescence and I think is the best in the world, despite his difficulties, although i don't know that i hold future.
Hope good thing in my life.



I agree that teenagers like go shopping but all do not like.
In my opinion most teenagers above all girls, love go shopping and I love buy clothes and shoes, is genial.
And other hand some teenagers hate go shopping and prefer to get the first thing that they see.


About topic, Bands should write their own songs,i agree that they should be write her songs,
expressing his feelings and his living, but his lives are more busy and should be little time for write lyrics.

we have understand that is not easy have a life so.



Copy movies is illegal and i think that this are so because actors live it need get money of his movies,
but many people download and copy his movies so not get money from them.

all in all copy movies is illegal and this should be it .

should be think in other persons and be generous.



Daniel Radcliffe:

Daniel Radcliffe is a well - known actor for his character in Harry Potter.He has black hair and blue-green eyes.He was born in Fulham (London) on 23 July, 1989, and he was interested in drama since he was child.At the age of eleven, Daniel recorded Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone and since them he has recorded all Harry Potter film.Now he has recorded black woman and he came to Spain in order to talk about this movie.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
Other movie os Harry Potter.
Black woman.


I think that piracy in Somalia with time can change because can take decision about topic.

The problem are that above thay not take decision and actually piracys do what they want.

If you put get tough about topic all would better for humanity.


Hi,I'm your teacher. What about the other tasks? SECOND EVALUATION

01-f.gif March 12th-2012

Actually politic is very important in society, but you can chose political parties that you want or not get your vote.
Normally young people don´t like politic but a few group are interested in politic.

In my opinion I don´t like politic because make us to differenciate of one and others and this world should be governed for feelings and not for politic!

Hi Judit, go on working that way!!!04.gif FIRST EVALUATION- Dec 4th


Spain has got many pagan traditions but I think that none is important how as the traditions religious ones

some traditions pagan are: Valentine days, San Juan..etc but in my opinion the most important is of the one which i'm going talking to talk now:

One of the tradition in Spain is the Semana Santa.

This tradiccion is very old and religious because it shows the life our God Jesús.

Its celebrated is in March or April and it lasts a week.

The people walk in the street with representation of the life of Jesús and other persons wearing nazarene suit and give candyto the audience

Both are accompanied by music bands: Horns and drums.

The Semana Santa is a popular tradition popular, interesting and beautiful.

I really like this tradition.




My favourite drink are is coca - cola and I drink this drink every day because the it tastes its really interesting.
I think that the coca - cola is a good invention.
although drinking in quantity is a danger to health.



My first date was very romantic:

At first it was a boring day of my life. I felt alone and I decided to chat with my friends but when I was online, I saw that my friends weren´t. I felt sad and I started to cry.
Suddenly I recieved a sms that changed my mood.
The sms said:
Hello, how are you? Yes I'm fine too thank's xD. Do you like the mountain? I don´t like it, therefore i will lead you take you to a restaurant. I hope you at nine O´clock in the park.
I was nervous because I didn´t know who was and I was waiting when suddenly someone said:
You stolen my heart and I come to recover but if you don´t return me I´ll stay with you.
I turned around and saw that was my school friend which who I was in love and I said:
I want that you stay next to me.
He smiled, we held hands and went to the restaurant.
I love it and I will always love him.

I am nothing without you.

Hi Judit, I'm your teacher. Be careful with capital letters. Go on working that way. 6_small14.gif (October 13th)


Hello my name is Judit I´m seventeen years old, I live in Fortuna, Murcia, Spain with my parents, my sister, my brother and mi little dog Luna!

my sister Mª Ines
My brother Francisco Manuel

My sister is older than me, she´s 24 years old and my brother is younger than me he´s 12 years old.
So I′m middle sister!

In my free time a I like listening to punk rock or rock alternative music, dancing, drawing or painting but I really like going out with to my best friends Gemma and Chiqui! =)

My best friend and me!

Before I said that I like listening to punk rock or rock alternatice music and my favourite music group it´s SUM 41.

This song is my favourite!
I hope you at nine o'clock in the park