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An Opinion Essay: "The teenage years are the best years of your life" Do you agree?

I'm agree because having fun,going to parties,going out with your friends, you have your first love and all you have to do is study.When you grow and become an adult you have to be more serious and think about important things like bills,home,create your own family and think how to educate your childrens.Thence, I am agree that the teenage years are the best years of our life.




DATE:May 3rd
A For and Against Essay" Young people are all shopaholics" .

This is a topic of conversation so interesting because there are a lot of young people that need going shopping or they think that they need it,but that it's a real problem because they buy compulsively and they can't stop because I think that they believe it is necessary for theirthem.





A For and Against Essay:"Bands should write their own songs"


I think that bands must write their own songs because they will be able to people be liked.

They will be albe to show their feelings and show that they are like all people and show that they are humans.

It's true that there are some bands that don't write their letters lyrics and to me is something that hasn't got value.


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March 12th-2012


Which do you think are the reasons for copying movies illegally?

I think that the reasons for copying movies illegally is because the films on the cinema are so expensive. IT Is more easy easier to watch the film in your pc or DVD in you home and you don't spend money.
You only have to do is key the film name and download it,is more easy,fast and chip.This also happens with the music is more chip download the songs that you like than buy the CD.But people aren't aware that their career are finishing with this.



Write a biography of a famous person

I'm going to write about Frank Sinatra.

Francis Albert Sinatra,(12 of December,1915)more better known as Frank Sinatra, he was U.S singer and actor.His nickname was "the Voice",the most important male voice in twentieth century.Sinatra is credited with being the first singer who makes a conscious use of sound amplification means in order to place his voice above the sound of the orchestra.
He was born in middle-class neighbordhood from Hoboken ( New Jersey) with an Italian family.In 1932 he met Nancy Barbato who will be his wife in 1938.
His participation in the contest Major Amateur Hour radio,having sung in various bars,helped him start his career like singer.
He began to give concerts in 1939.He became a vocalist in the Harry Arden's orchestra,which allowed him to go on the air every night in a station in New York.
He had a famous and exit life.He have famous songs like New York New York,Stranger in the night,let's snow let's snow let's snow,etc...
People say that Frank Sinatra was associated with mob and Kennedy was Sainatra's fan.
Frank Sinatra died 14 of May,1998 (eighty-two years) in Los Ángeles.
To me In my opinion he is the better best singer of jazz. I like it so much 'cause his music relax me so much and is unic in the world.I have no more to say,He died one of the best.



Is there any way of stopping piracy in Somalia?

I don't know so much about this problem but I think that they can put more surveillance with police,army,etc...I think that solving the problem isn't so easy but the politicians,army,police and several countrys must be agree to solve the problem and don't fight or wars.
The best way to try to solve the problem is that I think, but If countries haven't done it ,They wouldn't do it.




Young people are not interested in politics. Do you agree?

In my opinion there are young people who are interested in politics because they want a change in the laws that we have got in own country or changes other things that are important for us or get benefits that probably we'll need in the future to our education or our jobs or for our children, too.
There are young people too who isn't aren't interested in politic but they fight for her their interests too.
To me the In my opinion politics will be interesting when the politicians make good her their jobs well.

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I choose exercise 6

The old pagan Spanish tradition that I knew is: All Saint's Day
In the All Saint's Day, all people go to cemetery with flowers to their family or known dead.
They pray for them or clean their graves of them. They are a few spend some time and then they go back to their houses again.
When my mum was younger in those days, TVE used to broadcast the Don Juan Tenorio, Zorrilla's work, as all and every years TVE repeated that film again and again.


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I choose the first topic.

I haven't got a favourite soft drink, I like it but I prefer the energy drink like redbull,rockstar or burn.
I know that energy drink isn't good for us because it has got a taurine,caffeine,carbon dioxide, etc... and that is so bad to our body.
Also I like so much like a lot of people because I feel awake, it gives me energy and I like the its taste.
I drink it in at the weekends or when I have exams because I can concentrate and I have energy to do other things in a day.
It isn't good for us but like other things like a drugs, tocacco and the people that take it them. I preffer energy drink before drugs.


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In my first date he came for home to pick me up and we went in his car to Murcia.Then we went to a restaurant to have dinner, we ate pasta,and as a gentleman he paid for dinner.
When we finished to eat eating, we went for a walk and we were talking, laughing and having fun for hours.
In thats hours During that moments I felt that I was falling in love for with her him, he is the one who gets makes me forget everything when I'm with him.
I haven't got much more that I to tell 'cause for me the love isn't can be expressed in words but in deeds.
Ultimately,Lately, he makes me feel the happiness.san-valentin.jpg


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DATE:October 1st,2011

My name is Laura Cantero García, I'm from Murcia. I live in Molina with my parents and my sister.

I have got a long and brown hair, I'm short and I have got a brown eyes.My hobbies are dancing classical ballet, funky, hip-hop, etc and reading, skateboarding, watching black and white classical films ,listening American and Spanish hip-hop music,eating food from different countries and finally watching Asian soap opera, I'm a little freak.

My family is simple like the most of families in Spain; my parents work Monday to Friday but my mother works Saturdays too.My sister is studying at the university, she studies second year of biotechnology and she is a year and one month older than me.
I have got a boyfriend and seven true friends; Jesus is my boyfriend and I'm working with him in a bar at the weekends, my friends are Mario and his girlfriend Sara, she was studying in my high school last year, Angela and her boyfriend Tony. Belén is studying in my high school, too, like Alicia and Wendy but they are in my class, Belén is in 1º bachiller 'cause she's repeating this year.
You could say my life is simple but I like it that way