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ELEVENTH ASSIGNMENTDATE: April 9th, 2012An Opinion Essay: "The teenage years are the best years of your life" Do you agree?I disagree because I think they are the worst years in which we are most unstable and worry too much about nonsense things also affect us too and we always pay our problems with the family.and always tend to be more unbearableTENTH ASSIGNMENTDATE : April 9th, 2012A For and Against Essay " Young people are all shopaholics" :
I do not think young people are shopaholics if it is true that we have many amenities and maybe
are more pampered than when our parents were young and with all technologies there everyone wants the best things and parents we buy them because we fancy them even without much money and we do not appreciate what we have

DATE: April 9th,2012

A For and Against Essay:"Bands should write their own songs":
For one hand i think that I usually like most groups that create their songs and has more merit to be composites of singer.
For other hand if there were composers would work less and the truth is that if there are singers who can afford better for composers , however some composers that which aren´t recognized, will see unfair.


DATE: February 1st, 2012

Which do you think are the reasons for copying movies illegally?
films in the cinema are very expensive, and people who believe there comes a time that the film industry is abusing so that they refuse to pay 10 € to go to the cinema and the people preferred save the mone. Anywaymaybethe industry shouldchange the pricesof moviesand sopeoplecan goto the movies.


Write a biography of a famous person:
Damon Albarn : is a English musician , he started with the music in a group his name was blur , however he had problems with Graham Coxon and drugs and they decided end Blur , whereas that Graham started alone his career than musician, however, Damon started Gorillaz with jamie Hewlett
is an English comic book artist and designer, but Graham and Jamie because they took bad jaime who stole the bride to graham , later damon made the bso of trainspotting , and started in the god the bad and the queen although Gorillaz went to the group to which he dedicated more.

No, because the interested in bussines, is a form to get money more easy whereas people have a normal job otrers than pirates considered this it your job. The world is unfair ,this it is the reality. Is impossible change the people, so they continue rob and murder a people in there ships.
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March 12th-2012

I think that the young not introduce in the politics , we could contribute more and maybe the politics could better.but perhaps if we participate in politics would have another point of view.And we could forget about bipartisanship.
Perhaps the radical right had disappeared.

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6 - Do you know any old pagan Spanish tradition?-02/12/2011
A Spanish tradition is for example the Roscon de Reyes of queen,it is a sweet cake and the oldest Roman Empire celebrated the new year on 1 March using it, but Christians to convert changed this date in winter. On the occasion of those parties people prepared round cakes made ​​with figs, dates, honey... that inside introduced a dry bean and fortunate to play the legume was named king of kings during a short time. Philip V in Spain imported the tradition of the donuts as the culmination of the christmas holidays, candiet fruit covered with a surprise hidden iside.

03- third assignment 02/12/2011
1. Which is your favourite soft drink and in which occasions do you usually have it?

My favourite soft drink is lemon lime because I like flavor sweet and mixture of the bubbles ,
I disagree with drink soft everyday because in the long it´s very bad for your system.
And therefore my mother anything told me when I was a children that I couldn´t drink coke for getting used to a don´t drink soft drink everyday and only drink at the weekend , nowI drink a bit on Saturday if I meet my friends or Friday if my mom and I are watching a movie and buy Chinese food.AS A conclusion, I think that I´m strange weird even until for in relation to the soft drink.

01- First assignment
To begin with I warn you that i don´t like describe myself
My life is a bit ambiguous i´m a doubtfull person
Before going to I started studying a Bachiller de Humanas but it wasn´t for me, although I like some subjects.
The truth now i´m happy where i´m although i know i´ll do after high school because i´m undecided between ilustration, fine arts, audiovisual communication and desing.Now i will put pictures of my friends outside of high school (Because is the part you don´t know that my life and undertoud which are those of the institute) and some picture of my cat finally some music.

this video is the Damon Albarn was a singer ol blur and now Gorillaz is singer with artist Jamie hewlett.

02-Second assignment

First of all in reality i´m not a person romantic person, i´m not the people who believe in love at first sight , i don´t believe in falling in love but i believe in a companion with when you have things in common. I spend much time with someone but i haven´t first date official, just one day stay for dinner. But it was the right person for me and i for him. One f the romantic aspects are that if i love letters from famous people to their lovers. For example :Beethoven his beloved unknown, Virginia Woolf a Vita sackville they specifically that i find fascinating for this time (1926.