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An Opinion Essay:"The teenage years are the best years of your life" Do you agree?I totally agree with that because we only have to care about the high school or university, we don't have to pay any house or car and we don't work, we only have fun, but despite that, studies take away a lot of time, and it would be better if we had all the time of the world to have fun. But if that happened we wouldn't value that time, that's why we really like holidays.


  • A For and Against Essay " Young people are all shopaholics" .

In the first place, saying that all of them are shpaholics is generalize very much, but most of them are, and I think that the main problem is because of , when we were born, economy was in its top, and while we grew up it decreased, but we were already used to spend money. In the second place, there aren't so much young shopaholics and if there are is because their parents had let them be.


For and Against Essay: "Bands should write their own songs"On the one hand they should write them because it is something more personal and challenging, in that way, fans woul know better the artist. On the other hand, but still I don't know if it is something good or wrong, writing a song isn't something easy, it requires a lot of work and time, and many people don't have it.

EIGHT ASSIGNMENT: Which do you think are the reasons for copying movies illegally?

I think that the main reason is because of the money, if you can get something for free, why do you have to spend your money in it? Another reason is that it is easier, you don't havo to go anywhere to hire or buy a film, you have it in your house. I am not saying it is a right thing, but it is something that everyone do. So, if people don't stop, this problem won't stop neither.

SEVENTH ASSIGNMENT: a biography of a famous person.

Charlize Theron was born in August 7th, 1975, is a really famous actress and model. She was born in Benoni, South Africa but nowadays she resides in Los Angeles, California.When she was a child she used to be a ballet dancer and danced in the Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, but she had a knee injury so she ended her dancing career. She also worked as a photo model. Now she is the image of Dior perfum.

SIXTH ASSIGNMENT: pirates. Is there any way of stopping piracy in Somalia?

Piracy is something really serious, it has always been, and the fact that it still happens is dangerous. Everything progress and evolves, even new methods of piracy, I think that the best way to stop it is knowing their methods and having them controlled so it would be easier, even though it is something difficult.


I don't agree with the fact that young people are into politics. I think most of us do not care as much as our ancents used to.
On the one hand I think that because nowadays, politics are not so interesting, it seems that they only do a lot of things wrong and a few right. And also due to all the corruption.
On the other hand, society wouldn't exist without politics, but if they want new generations to get into this, they should do something to get their attention.
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March 12th-2012

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Fourth assignment; Is martenitsa a religious tradition? (2nd December)

Martenitsa is a popular Bulgarian tradition and, so,it is is pagan tradition, nowadays it remains almost unchanged today. Everybody buys it and it is for welcoming the spring, it is a white and red accesory made of yarn. People believe that wearing it will make winter pass faster and they also ask for mercy, they usually wear more than one martenitsa and it is a gift received from relatives and you can give them to family and friends.

Here you can see how to make a martenitsa.

Third assignment; The advantages of being an only-child or the oldest child in the family.(2nd Dec)

In my family I am the oldest child, I have a little sister so I know a lot about this, it is true that there are disadvantages but there are also some advantages such as: your parents let you do more things, I feel freer than my sister does because they rely on me more than her. They let me do things she can't do and so many things more. I like having a sister and I think that being an only-child could be boring, anyway it also has its advantages such as: your parents only have to care for you so you have all their attention and so, you are your favourite but in my opinion most of the times that you are an only-child, if your parents don't know how to educate you well you can grow up spoilt.

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First assignment; Describe yourself.

Hi, I'm Lucía and I'm going to talk about myself. I'm seventeen and I'm from Spain. I am a tall girl, with long, fair, straight hair and brown eyes.
I am studying 2º de Bto. in the high school Eduardo Linares, I like it but I don't know what I will do next. There aren't many things I like to do, I don't have hobbies, I'm a little bit lazy and also I don't have time to do things and when I find I little free time I prefer to study or relax.
On Tuesdays and on Thursdays I go to English classes in the EOI.
On/At weekends I like to spend time with my friends and family and I also enjoy going shopping. I don't like to get bored and my weak point is that I get bored very easy. I like to surf the Internet and to see online shops, fashion blogs and all that stuff.
And I think that's it! :D

Second assignment; A first date.

I'm going to talk about my first date with my boyfriend.

Six months ago I was in a pub with my friend and I noticed that a boy, who was sitting in a table near us, was staring at us. He was with two friends and, after a while, they came to talk to us, we had fun, we shared our e-mails to keep in touch and, when we were about to go, he asked me out. So, we had a date two days later.
We went to have a picnic in a park, because it was really sunny, we had so much fun and we enjoyed seeing the children playing around us. We were so comfortable that, then, we took the car and he drove to the beach. We walked along the beach and we saw the twilight, it was a really romantic date and I will never forget it. After that he took me home, and there, while we were saying goodbye, he kissed me, but it wasn't rude, it was really nice. He treated me very gently during the day and I liked it so we he asked me for a second date, I said yes.
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