ejercicie 11

Martes, 15-05-2012


It is said that the teens are the best years of life because your start to party, you meet new people, your start to love and to have your first girlfriend or boyfriend, that is you know a new and different world.

Although at this stage we are always in bad mood and the smallest problem we make it big, but really, the problems come when one is already ripe: economic problems, social.....

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ejercicie 10


All youth are addicted to shopping because they want a perfect pìcture of them: combination of clothes, perfumes, hairdressers....
In these cases tend to spend more girls than boys.
This also should to the education that each child was obtained from parents.
The worst of this is that in the future are selfish, just look for them and no help around him.

ejercicie 9
Lunes, 14-05-2012


bands to choose songs that have been published by other artists should
pay a copyright and should be punishable. So all music groups write
their own song. But it also have somethingfor it's that make us
remember old songs and have a sense of the past.


ejercicie 8

the reasons for people to download files illegally online is because the originals, which are usually CD's or movies, are too expensive, but this process causes abad profit for the perpetrators of these products.

this is like a chain, if they sell expensive products people did not buy them and therefore they do not make money

ejecicie 7



in 2004 won five Grammy Awards and in 2010 won six.
the sale of his records has exceeded one hundred million units.
The success of her solo albums has established itself as one
of the most commercial artists in the music industry and has
expanded her career to acting and sponsor products.


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (born September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas),
known simply as Beyoncé, is a singer, songwriter, record producer,
model and actress.He rose to fame in the late 90's as lead singer of the hit group, Destiny's Child.
in June 2003 released his first solo album.

Beyonce is my favorite artist


ejercicie 6
Somali pirates act as a coast guard to protect their waters. they are as good fishing, protect marine animals from other boats, which comes fromdeveloped countries and performing their work tasks because they use watercontaminated with radioactive substances.
This problem could stop signing a pact to all countries to fish but uncontaminatedwater, always respecting them.



ejercicie 5


young people don't agree with the policy, because this issue seems a bore.
we are uneble to sit and listen to a rally. But even if they don't believe it's a matter of real
importance since this topic determines it's future and that of future generations
usually vote for a polician to do benefits for society

Hi Mª Carmen, I can't restore your wiki page, don't worry because I noted down your mark before. Try not to use letters with a coloured background because it's very difficult for me to indicate the mistakes. Go on woking!! 09.gif Dec 4th- FIRST EVALUATION
ejercicie 4 TASK 4TH

The Fallas are a traditional festival that take PLACE in Valencia

from 15 to 19 March. Today, this festival attracts many tourists.

These festivals are celebrated in honor of St.Joseph, patron saint

of carpenters. At this event are figures with the waste from carpentry

and then burned.



ejercicie 3
My favorite drink is water. the water drin is healthier and no contains gas
or other types of extracts. Coca Cola is type drink that contains gas
and extracts, so have other drink live Fanta, Sprinter, Casera too...
But eventually take other drins like Coca Cola.


soft drinks


ejercicie 2



My first day was at the disco. was the first time I met him, he was a friend of a friend who taxes me.

When we were dancing, we watched an laughed. Without wanting to throw him down a drink and stain your clothes.

I apologized and told me nothing was wrong and gave me a kiss. From that moment stayed with me to leave today.

Hola, soy tu maestro. Bien hecho! No te olvides de escribir el número de tarea. Seguir trabajando! (28 de octubre)6_small14.gifB+.jpg

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Hola, soy Mari Carmen, pero todos me llaman Mayka.

Tengo un ojos marrones y pelo oscuro.

Creo que soy amable, simpático y de mal humor.

Mis pasatiempos son pintar, escuchar música y hacer aeróbicos,

pero lo que más me gusta es ir de fiesta con mis amigos y yendo de compras.


Mi padre se llama Santos y mi madre Carmen.

Tengo un hermano, él es 27 años y una hermana que tiene 31 años.

Ella era la madre de un bebé de dos meses, que es llamado David.




Me encanta salir con mis amigos, me he divertido risa, ...

que son: Araceli, Mari, José Antonio, Leti, Alba, Victor ...