"The teenage years are the best years of your life" Do you agree?

I think that the best years of our life are childhood because you are more happy and you have all time of the word with your family. But the teenager year also are more oldier and you begin to create a future. As well is the teenager years are a part of you life which is full of dreams and if you work hard your dreams could make true.



" Young people are all shopaholics" .

In my opinion ,people who are shopaholics have an illness or mental disorder. People feel bad or alone and this reason, they are shopaholics.On the one hand, if the person continues buying many things, that person will begin to steal because this person doesn't have any money and this person need it. Also, this reason could proboke negative impacts for this people and their families. Therefore shopaholics need helping and rest of their families.



:"Bands should write their own songs"

Nowadays, there are music bands whith don't write their own songs. In my opinion, the music bands must write their own songs, because it isn`'t the same if the lyrics aren`'t them, although i understand that many aren`'t music bands don`'t write their own songs because composing songs don't have to be easy and many people can't write the songs.There are singers who don't write their own songs like Malu, J.B, and Beyonce... For these reasons, think that easier to be song write that to be composer and the singers who write their own songs have more success.


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09.gifMarch 12th-2012


I think illegal copying of movies is caused by several circumstances perhaps because the cost of films and film and currently has increased due to the crisis, perhaps another reason is the comfort of your home viewing on not having you to move to some more film and if it costs you na. is that something is wrong and should not do, but would not be fair if I say that on several occasions and also illegally downloaded movies, so it is something I favor I repeatedly as before ee I mentioned that on one hand even if bad example and an injustice, I am agree on these pages there are illegal downloads of movies or music to avastecerme.


SEVENTH ASSIGNMENT: Pedro Cano biography


Pedro Cano was born in Blanca. He is a famous painter in Murcia and in the world. known for his brilliant watercolors.
Peter lives in Blanca as well in Rome which is very famous.
in 2011, inauguration of the funndation in honor of pedro cano, in which they exhibit their paintings
That in my opinion think pedro painters and gray is best for me is a great influence and role model.



SIXTH ASSIGNMENT: Pirate in somalia.

I think what started as a pattern of piracy off the coast of Somalia is to some extent in a very extensive combertido as come to capture an older and more valuable barcos which has given a great importances .. but far from the coast .. previously signed a deal but not compliment .. I think maybe it might stop piracy in Somalia with a stronger government and who sign a pact .

unfortunately I can not talk much about the subject that i not know more .I searched for information on news in Internet.



The politics isn't interesting for young people. Their not see the time of concern, though is their future
In the future young people will be leading it.In my opinion I think that we should concern more by politic the other hand,is normal and people are young and will have time to concern 'for this.In the actualy the politicians today not know their problems .
Would be easier for everyone if the policy isn't devoted to the corruccion. Ithink young people would have that that try to improve the future of politics.To Conclude the young people should care more for the politics.


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04- fourth assignment

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Maybe you think that Valentine'sDay is celebrated not long agoand has emergedin the interests ofthe big shopping centers, and althoughI must say thatthe latterlargelyinfluencedin its implementationthe reality is thatthis feastgoes backtheRoman Empire.

In ancient times, infant mortalitywas quite highso it wasimportant to havemany children.Therefore,peoplewho, for whateverreason, they hadfew or no childrenconsideredthemselves ascursedor undera curseand underwentareligious or mysticalritesto ensurefertility.

The Romans hada sacred place, in that place, all ofFebruary 15wasa celebrationcalled Lupercalia, during whichanimalswere slaughtered(sacrificeswere very typicalofanything).Preparedstrapswith stripsofbloodyanimalskin(ick)and the priestsranthrough the crowdbeating her withthose straps.It isbelieved that those whowere beatenwere curedof infertility.Naturally, people whowanted childrenwas attendingmasstocelebrateand then wentrunning hometo have thechild.Consequently, the festivitieslupercalianaswereassociated with loveand sex.

by : Noemi Yepes Miñano


03-Third assignment.

My refresh favourite soft drink is the cocacola, for his its refreshing flavour.
But of all the cocacolas I prefer the cocacola without caffeine. its a refresh fizzy drink that I take frequently but especially to accompany the food or when I go out of to a party
Though also I take other refreshments as fanta...

by : Noemi Yepes Miñano


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Second assignment:

A long time ago I met to a fantastic boy, we met and we us liked each other .
To the step of During a few weeks things changed, looks, feelings.
The life makes me happy, though habeces it is not quite so nice as his eyes.
Our first appointment date were was in a park with all our friends.
My first It was simple but a very nice appointment.
I want to return to that moment to happen again for it was so special moment. is a precious,
and unforgettable recollection for the feelings we share. between ourselves


By : Noemi Yepes Miñano 2a