Hi I'm your teacher. Well done!!! SECOND EVALUATION
March 12th-2012
A For and Against Essay: "Bands should write their own songs"
I don't know enough about the bands topic but I think I can express my own opinion:
The bands today are formed since a group of friends who loves the music and compose a lot of songs about some topics they think are ideal for listen for example the love, the day to day or the friendship.
Could be the relationship of the friends with their girlfriends, for example, that type of situations coulb be an inspiration for the name of the songs and the rate.
907437.gifSome of my favorites music bands are: Sonata Arctica, Three Days Grace, Stratovarius, Breaking Benjamin and Virus.
There is a little musical video with the song: Fullmoon.
Pablo Ferrer

In my opinion bands must write their own songs or do a tribute for another songs which are famous.
But they wouldnt't be too confident or the will be separated as The Beatles.

A For and Against Essay "Young people are all shopaholics".
Yes, you're right. On days like today the teenagers are obsessed with go shopping to the fashion and graffiti shops
This is a case that is knowed in the young people who specially need to be more popular in the high school, but
I think there is a little percentage which marks the teenagers do it for their own ambition for example the comic fanatics.
I consider me I am a comic fanatic. I usually go tho the comic-book shop on Saturdays to buy another volume
with my pay.
But you know, the people like me are not very influenced with the chores of the humanity. If you don't understand it let me explain with nine quotes of a anybody:
Well, with this I think there's all understood.

An Opinion Essay: "The teenage years are the best years of your life" Do you agree?
Well, personally I think that everybody have their personal opinion about the life stages. But yes, the teenage years there been my best years in my life.
That's because in this age I don't have to work, only study a simple lessons that will be important for may future. The subjects I choose are the base for the work I would like to do.
In this years the teenagers usually have a boyfriend or girlfriend but I haven't got anyone yet.
One of the recurrent hobbies in this age are take a walk with the friends, go to the cinema or play games, for example.
The only problem is perphas the teenagers take too liberties with their life and that could lead them to the drugs and the unemployement.
There is a little video that explains the topic a little more specifically:

DATE: March 8th, 2012
Which do you think are the reasons for copying movies illegally?
One of the principal problems of the Internet comercial benefits is in effect, the illegal movies copying. I think this is because the uploaders can get some population in his account uploading the recent movies in Internet and with this the cinemas could have less clientele. For a few years there were a webs that reproduces a lot of movies which the people can watch in their homes so easily. But the only movies that can appears online are the out of sales.

Hi Pablo, just remember: older tasks bellow, newer ones above. Go on working!!!!!!03.gif(your teacher- January 31st)

Write a biography of a famous person.

Francisco Ibáñez is a Spanish strip cartoonist from the second generation of Bruguera and creator of multitude lost of comics, for example Mort and Phil, Pepe Gotera and Otilio, Rompetechos, 7 rebolling street, etc...
He was borned in Barcelona in 1936 and worked in a bank at 7 years old, and in 1957 he started to work in Bruguera's editorial.

In 1958 the first strip of Mort and Phil appears in Pulgarcito's magazine. Among this decade Ibañez published other works.
The first long comic-book ''The Atomic Sulfate'' was published in 1969:

Between 1969 and 1976 Ibañez received the prize for the comic most popular characters.
In 1985 Ibañez leaves from left Bruguera and went to work to Ediciones B and continued drawing a lot of adventures that increased his popularity. (Nightmare!, Dinosaurs, The racist, The tirant, Heres comes the €uro, etc).
In 1994 he received 'The Big Prize From The Big Comic Convention' and in 2002 'The Prize of the Beutiful Arts'.
In 2003 the film 'The big adventure of Mort & Phil' was released.

Now, Ibañez is drawing new comics during this years. In my opinion this comic is the best-seller of the comic history. I have the complete collection and I enjoy reading this and laugh at it a lot ! (I learned to read about this).


Is there any way of stopping piracy in Somalia? (25-50 words)

Since 2005, the piracy has appeared in the Somalia's coasts and it have has brought a lot of problems for the European fishers and organizations of the world.
How you owes, I think there is only one possible solution:
- Make a treatment with the pirates for stop to pollutes their seas.

POS: Sorry, teacher but I believed this assignment was more extensive.


Young people are not interested in politics. Do you agree?



Right, first of all I can tell you what is the politics. The politics is the human action which whose mission is to rule the government for the good of the countries.
In my opinion the interest of sending the government of a country it is very difficult to the most of the teenages of today(?????). Only the most capables students in the best universities in a capital maybe interested in politics, althought that been a big priority for the good balance of the economy of any kind.
The only reason that I have for to explain this is that the teenagers normally doesn't don't have a good concentration because they spend more time on The Internet than before and don't pass the course.
But when the time goes by, it will maintain the power along the years drift in corruption:


Do you see how are the heads? There is only a little piece of the planet crisis. And only the most confiable persons amateur of economy and who could be the best bosses can be at the command

(Hey, teacher! I'm back!)

Hello Pablo.OK, I think you can do it better if you try. I'm sure you'll improve your marks. Go on working!!!09.gif (Dec 4th)

Teacher, I'm so sorry about didn't doing the English central exercises! wrong_rw.gifI promise you I'll do my best this year!

FIRST ASSIGNMENT 2nd December 2011
Hello everybody. My name is Pablo Ferrer Ibaniez and I will introduce myself to this web of mrs Serna. First of all I'm eighteen yeras old, my birthday is ON 8th of August, in the middle of summer holidays.

I'm male (of course I don't want to verify it)envytoon24lw.jpg

I´m from Murcia, Spain, but I WAS borned in Yecla wHere is originally all my family COMES FROM. My house is in near the North Round, in front of a supermarket.

My hobbYes is drawING a lot of manga comics and animated pictures. I do it very well. I like collectING manga volumes too. avatar_bleach_manga_0108.gif
This is THESE ARE all my preferences: my favoUrite color is blue, my favoUrite film is Carnivorous Crisis, my favoUrite animal is the chaiman CAIMAN and my favoUrite food is lasagna. I went to a public school in primary and secOndary before comING to E.L.L. The name's Good Sheeperd.
The English is the only one language I'm studying but it's the easier too!!! I would like this year I'll pass this signature SUBJECT with a high punctuation.

Let's speak English very well. Thanks all and... see you later! avatar_azumanga_daioh_manga_0008.gif

Hi Pablo, I'm your teacher. Remember you have to do some assignments and don't forget to write the number of the task and the date. You can add texts but you should give the name of the author and not just copying the words. Go on working!!!!! I'll mark your task as soon as it is done. (October 11th)

SECOND ASSIGNMENT 2nd December 2011

Teacher, I'm sorry because I never have had a romantic date with a girl
(snif...I'm alone)avatar_one_piece_manga_0103.gifbut I will tell you about how IT would be my ideal date with a girl:
Firstly, we would remain in the Murcia town hall, IT is a lovely place to walk. We would take a walk across the promenade of the city centre, talking about anything we like or tell any jokes for laughING a bit for example the potato's joke4SZDp.gif
We would go to the shopping centre and buy some delicious food for a little picnic.
Later we would watch a romantic, animated or comedian film in the cinema.
When the film have finished we after would go to the library and read some comics quietly.
And for finishING a little kissyavatar_bleach_manga_0107.gifWell, maybe you think I'm not very lovely with my likes but this is it.
I would like to have a date like this someday...


The topic I have chosen is the 1.
There are a lot of soft drinks in the world, and Everybody have their own preferences, but I don't like the type of people that like TO gets drunk with a lot of beer or wine, they're terribly noisy!avatar_bob_esponja_msnanimal_com-28.gif

My preferences is the sweet drinks, for example, Coca Cola is the most popular in the world, specially in Atlanta, place where IT was created.
Always, every weeks my father buys a 2 liters of Coca Cola and 7up with the shopping and I drink it during the week. I lately drink more sweet drinks than water! But it gives me more energy for movING during the day. I don't abuse of this type of drink , but when I drink too I need to go to the toilet more usually! FREQUENTLY!!
luffy-animated9.gifHowever my favoUrite drink is the strawberry liqueur. That's all folks!!!


Final exercise from the PAU test "About Martenitsa"

5- Is martenitsa a religious tradition?
The martenitsa is a Bulgarian celebretion on March, which consites in OF exchangING a little red and white motif. It isn't a religious tradition but really a pagan tradition. But the people made it handly. Never buy for themselves. They are given to loved ones, friends, and
close people
6- Do you know any old pagan Spanish tradition?
Yes, of course I know. The most important celebration in Murcia is the Orchard Side, el bando de la huerta in Spanish, which is original from Murcia city. In this party there are two important elements: wearING a orchard clothes and drinkING beer to faint.
But I don't like this event so much, because the drunks normally pulls the bottles in Segura river and pollutes it more and more.
Hello, everybody. My name is Pablo Ferrer Ibañez and I will introduce myself in on this page. But first, read this notice:
This way I work a holic Even if you make it so happy, we´ll got the sunset on the beach. As soon as I screamed, the chicken boy
compromised me so greatest hits.
I think you are the most variable trouble maker, you know? You must go ahead! Why? It´s a foolish question. You can´t understand yourself, OK?
It´s a cloudy day today. Get out here and breakthrough the bad company, you see the perfect world great circle change.
A long, long time ago, my grandfather knocking the next door, They should give me a chocolate. I cannot exchange the money here. Sorry, grandpa.

Thank You, everyone. See you in the day of tomorrow.