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I totally agree. I always remember my adolescence for all
the moments that have marked. For me are memories
which will never forget as your first love, the first time
you enter the discotheque or the argument with your
friends. I think ultimately that adolescence is a time
to be enjoyed


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thanks to the young shopaholics, the stores continue to
sell even in times of crisis. for young people to have the
latest trends in your closet is very important to be the
most popular person. but the problem starts when you
buy compulsively.

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I support the bands that start copying letters from other
famous groups, because these bands so they can learn
to compose their own lyrics. a band to become famous
to write their own lyrics.



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I think people are downloading movies because of high prices in stores.
Other cause is more comfortable downloading and watching a movie at
home anytime, without spending money.I think they should lower prices
before banning downloads.



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José Már

io dos Santos Mourinho Félix is a Portuguese football manager, currently the head coach of Real Madrid fc. He is commonly

known as "The Special One". Mourinho is currently regarded as the best coach in the world. Mourinho started out as a player and after working as a physical education teacher he worked in sporting de Lisboan FC and Oporto in Portugal. He returned to Porto in early 2002 as coach, winning the Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal, and UEFA Cup in 2003. Mourinho moved to Chelsea in 2004 and won the premier league. Mourinho became a great coach in Europe, in 2008 he moved to Italy at Inter Milan FC, he winning the first treble in Italian history. In 2010 received the Golden Ball for the best coach. He then signed with Real Madrid in 2010, winning the Copa Del Rey in his first season. The following year he won the La Liga and became the fourth coach to have won league titles in at least four different countries. I think he is one of the coaches with more personality that existed throughout history and a great person, is the best coach in the world.

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I think the solution to solve the piracy in Somalia can not be avoided.

People are always dedicated to piracy. I think the only solution is a

greater protection in the seas and more safety in boats.



A lot of younger people think politics is important,because it marks our future.

firstly it affects our everyday. it affects education, health among other things

that affect us all. second and last place, I think that young people are interested

in it for the current manifestationsdemonstrations. To sum up, the vast majority of young people are

interested in politic.

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Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif

March 12th-2012

Hi Pedro, I think you can do it better. Go on working.09.gifFIRST EVALUATION- Dec 4th

04-fourth assigment.


Christmas Day is on December 25, in the past IT was a pagan holiday that commemorateS the arrival of spring.WINTER but the church changeD that tradition by creating the pagan feast of Christmas

the first carols were born in the Middle Ages and nacieo ???? century the Christmas tree and Christmas cards.

Christmas is now a festival of shopping and great expense to pass on SPEND WITH THE family.


DATE: 02-12-2011

03- third assigment.

My favourite drink is coke, when I go out with my friends I drink a Coke in any pub.

I do not usually take it home in my house, I usually drink water.
I also drink energy drinks, when I have practice sport.


DATE: 02-12-2011.
Hi, I'm your teacher. Well done!! Next time try to use new words we've learnt in the unit. 6_small14.gif(October 11th)

02- Second assigment.

A year ago, I met a beautiful girl for by the internet.

For a first date she was shy. When I saw her, I was very nervous for a date,

but all was well. After having a long conversation and walk, we say said goodbye.

The next week, We arranged a second date for the following week, than from that date we begin began to have a relationship, until now.


DATE: October 08 th, 2011

01-First assigment.B+.jpg

Hii! my name is Pedro and I have am seventeen years old but soon meet I'll be eighteen.I live in Archena, me my village is famous for its spa.
I`m very funny and amorous, but I am sometimes very lazy. My favourite hobby it`s the photography, it is my pasion, I have a small page the photograpy, the adrress of the page page address is:

I like the sport specially the MTB (mountain bike), motor sport and the basket match.I practice at the weekend MTB witch me my friends, and I also like travelling through the word.
In the future I would like to study publicity or photography to travel and work outside Spain.
my favorite music is the electronic music and poprock.

You know something more about me :).


DATE: October 05 th, 2011