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Hi Rebeca, your mark for this wiki will be 01-f.gif

Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif
March 12th-2012

Hi Rebeca, there are two tasks missing. Deadline Dec 2nd - FIRST EVALUATION- (Dec 4th)

Hi, my name is Rebeca. I´m 19 years old. I live in Archena with my parents, sister and my dog Linda. I am tall, I've got brown hair and green eyes. I'm studying in the school Eduardo Linares in Molina de Segura.My favourite hobby is listenning to music and going shopping whit with my friends Cristina and Ángeles. I practise Karate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
My favourite group is Andy and Lucas and Traficantes del Ritmo.
Andy++Lucas+Andy_and_Lucas[1].jpg imagesCALAP19H.jpg

My first date was on a trip I took last summer to Madrid. I met him while I was walking. He was had dark hair and blue eyes. He was beautiful!. After the presentation introductions we went to the cinema and then went to dinner. At the end he acompanied me to the hotel. The next day we went to spend the day at the Warner Bros. We had a fantastic day. I was the best weekend of my life.