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Hi Sergio, your mark for this wiki will be 01-f.gif

Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif

March 12th-2012

Hi, I'm you teacher. Go on working. There's one task missing. 09.gif (Dec 4th) FIRST EVALUATION

-First assignment
Hello! mi name is Sergio Garcia Pastor, I live in Molina and I estudy in Eduardo Linares Lumeras school. I am 17 years old. I've got brown hair and my eyes are brown, mi favourite hobby is riding a horse, my horse's name is Ulises and he is white color. I estudy 2 bachiller and I passed the driver exam in the summer because my birthday is on 30 june 1994
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-Second assignment
My first appointment date was in the summer of 2007, it was the perfect date, dinner by the moonlight, with candles and romantic music.After dinner we danced and later I invited to leave, go out with me ,their response her answer was whether yes and at that moment I became the happiest person in the world
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-Third assignment
at first, my favourite was the Coca-Cola soft drink, then I got tired and decided to start drinking orange Fanta, because the taste is very refreshing and pleasant and does not contain as much caffeine as Coke. the fanta orange juice leads and that's good
external image b283dDFucHNrZzllNmM0djJwczZ1aXZvNDYxMzAwMjYzNzgwLjk4NDI=.jpgSERGAA¡¡