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Hi Ventura, your mark for this wiki will be 01-f.gif

Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif

March 12th-2012

Ok Ventura, go on working , I know it will be difficult for you but if you work hard I'm sure you will improve.09.gif FIRST EVALUATION- Dec 4th

Third Assignment
2nd October

My favourite soft drink is Coca Cola. I like to drink it in all occasions. At the recreation break time, when I eat, when I have dinner, when I go out to drink something...
I think don't be some soft drink better than Coca Cola in all world! external image 6a00d8345250f069e20120a6a8bcb3970b-550wi

Second Assignment
2nd October

Long time ago, I invited a girl to go to cinema with me. We had dinner, and we walked by the mall. When we were seeing the film, I looked her and asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend. Then, she said "¡Yes!" and kissed me. Now, she is my girlfriend.

Hi, I'm your teacher. Well done!! Just remember to write the task number and the date. I know English can be difficult, but work hard, ask for help when you need it and you'll see it's possible to improve. 6_small14.gifGrade-C+_x275.jpg (October 28th)

My name is Ventura, and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia, with my parents, my sister, and my grandmother. I have a dog, Kora, and a triton, but I don't remember his name. I'm medium average height. I've got brown eyes. I've got a long black and curly hair, with two dreadlocks, and my skin is dark.
My dress depends on the day. Sometimes I like to dress as a rocker. Other times, I dress more normal, with typical t-shirt and jeans, and I also like to dress hippie.
My hobbies are painting, drawing, make sculpture, play to "Magic", basketball and go out to run sometimes. I like rock, hip-hop and reggae music.
My basket team is The Lakers
I like to go out with my girlfriend and my friends, but most of the times I go out with my girlfriend. I love make things with her: Go to
the cinema, go to drink something... make anything. I usually go out for Murcia or Fortuna, my girlfriend's village. When we're in Fortuna, we're always in the same bars, Pachá or Temple of the Dog.

In highschool, I'm with my friends of the last year class, because my friends of first year, are most in university,but some are in my class (I hope to go to university the next year). I really like to study art. The subject that I like more is sculpture, but I don't study it this year. My worst subject, sincerely, is English, thing that teacher will check in first exam.

This is a sculpture that I made last year