My Opinion about : "The teenage years are the best years of your life"

No ! I can't agree yet because I'm still a teenager and I didn't live that much to say such a thing !
Maybe most of people think that the teenage years are the best part of life because it's when you start to grow much more up, you want to discover who you are, you fall in love for the first time (?)...
Actually, teenage years can't be called "the best part of your life", but "those years when you gain experience" ! In fact, they can hurt, because of a broken heart or family problems... but you learn a lot thank's to them ! It hepls you to become more mature, to become an adult.
...Can you wait longer please ? When I'll become an adult, I'll tell you if my past years were useful !

For and Against : Young people are all shopaholics

I don't know what to say... because of that bloody crisis ! *Sorry I'm being colloquial again, right...? I can't help it, it's the way I talk !*
Even if that economical crisis is tough, it's true that teens didn't really stop to hang out with their friends outside. They still drink, eat or go shopping for clothes together (...girls prefer the clothes part !). Less than before, but they still do it !
I'm not crazy about going shopping, but it's true that sometimes I want to have a walk in a mall and look for cute stuff. Unfortunately, I don't live near the malls, so I just hang out with my best friend once a week and eat a snack with her.
Besides... I should save money now, because if I spend all my pay... I WON'T BE ABLE TO BUY ALL THE ANIME FIGURES AND CUTE KITTY-STUFF I WANT !!
external image P1030696+copia.jpgexternal image flying-cat-bento-box.png
...I suppose I'm some kind of "shopaholic" too ? Ow...

For and Against : Bands should write their own songs

Of course they should ! I'd even say that they MUST do it themselves. Being a good musician or singer is fine, but music bands should also have some writing skills. I'm sure some of them would be considered trash if they don't show creativity, and have to be helped with the lyrics !
But if they already tried it many times (once is not enough !) and it's no use, then they can find some help.
Well, sometimes some music bands also like to play songs they don't own, songs from other bands... why not ? I can understand it because you can love a song so much that you want to play it too, and "feel" it.
The only risk is the public's opinion : most of them won't find it original.

To summarize this, you can find someone else to write lyrics if you're not a creative person, and sometimes play songs which aren't yours... but paying the copyrights first, of course !!

Sixth assignment - Task numbah six : Pirates are bad guys...

That task will be more difficult than the previous one... errrrr I don't know much about piracy in Somalia !

So... There's piracy off the coast of Somalia... it seems that it's caused by illegal fishing <----that's because of the dumping of toxic waste in Somali waters. That's what I read on wikipedia, yeah, I had to look up on wikipedia... I told you I don't know much about piracy in Somalia !

But... what can we do to stop them ? Well, if it's really because of the polluted water... Then people who dump the toxic wastes should stop doing this. ARGH. Well, I'm right, uh ?

But I suppose they won't stop piracy now... so... sorry, I don't know what to say...

Fifth assignment - Task numbah five : Politics (eww...)

Politics are necessary for a country's development. The main goal is to guarantee the rights and duties of the citizens, so the country can improve and we can live happily.
Politicians are supposed to represent the people, they're elected by themselves (not the politicians of course, I mean, people choose them !)
Now, are young people interested in politics ? Here's my answer :
external image shrugging-pinkie-pie.pngIT DEPENDS.
We can't say that ALL the teenagers are uninterested in politics, that's not true. It depends on which teens you're talking about. It depends of the country's political situation !
When I was living in France, I remember that teenagers didn't really care about it, the only thing they did was making fun of them and telling each other what happened in "Les Guignols de L'info" on Sunday (somekind of parody about the news in the world and french politicians). But when it came to talking about politics in a more serious way, they didn't care, or just said : "f*ck politics/president" and stuff like that.
But it's quite different in Spain, even if there are a lot of them who don't care (or just don't understand) about politics... when they grow up a little bit, they seem to worry more about the political situation, and often debate. My classmates talk about it sometimes, even the history teacher !
To sum up, it just depends of the country's political situation. That's all.

Hi again. Well done. Don't forget your tasks. 05.gif FIRST EVALUATION- Dec 4th


Fourth Assignment - Task numbah four : Martenitsa

SO. Is martenitsa a religious tradition ??
external image 120px-Nope_speech_bubble.pngNOPE. It's a national tradition, for everyone in Bulgary.
It's a bulgarian tradition which has nothing to do with religion. March is a very important month for them, so why will they give a martenitzi only to those who're catholics or muslim or *INSERT ANOTHER RELIGION HERE* ??
I think that IT would be quite ridiculous ! Martenitsa seems to be a very nice tradition, giving those little dollS, things to your family and friends... and then recieve one too ! Seriously it would be a pity if it was a tradition for religious people only !

HM ! This task is even shorter than the third one !! Sorry !! I don't know what to add ! external image onion-head-smiley-00046.gif

Third Assignment - Task numah three : Me likes drinks !!

So let's talk about drinks... hmmm...
Err when you say "soft drink" you mean "sweet drinks" or stuff like coke, "fizzy drinks ?"
If it's a no-fizzy-one... then there's no doubt about it, my favoUrite drink is ice tea ! I can't stop drinking it at home, and I hate to drink something else when there are no more ice tea bottles at home !!
But if by "soft drink" you mean a fizzy one... then it would be fanta. I drink it sometimes at home, when there's no ice tea or just when my dad brings some at home.
The soft drink we buy the most is coke, it's my lil' bro's favourite drink. I don't drink coke at home, only when I hang out with my friends, 'cause there are some places like restaurants where coke is free when you ask for some more !

Aw God, this task is quite short. Sorry ! external image onion-head-smiley-00046.gif

Hi, again. Well done!! Go on working!!a_.jpg(October 28th)awesome2.GIF

Second Assignment - Task numbah two : "Lovey Dovey" Time !

now it's time to talk about my first date... well, I think it would be more interesting if I talk about my 2 first dates !

I met Fede a long time ago because we both studied at the Lycée Français. We were members of the Lycée's manga/anime club, so we started to talk little by little, and became friends quite quickly. That happened 3 years ago.

He was already in love with me, but me... err I don't know how to explain that... I was just a bit interested in him, but not in love, actually I didn't want to admit I was interested in him...! I was such an idiot external image onionhead026.gif

One year later, I finally realized I was in love with him. And then we had our first date ! It was on January 1st in the afternoon, we went to the cinema... but an old friend of mine came with us ...because I asked her to come with me, it was too embarassing to go to the cinema all alone with Fede !! external image onionhead023.gif I was such a coward !

After the movie, my friend went back home. Fede and I stayed outside a little more... we sat on a bench but... we couldn't say anything during hours !! That first date was a failure (?) (I'd say "disappointment")

many weeks after later he asked me out again, because I wanted to talk with him about "something" (I wanted to confess my love of course !!) I couldn't tell at school. He said "why don't we go to the cinema again ? After the movie you'll tell me that "something", 'kay ?"

This time... that friend of mine didn't come with me... actually, we're not friends anymore... well ! We went to the cinema again... we stayed outside again, we sat on a bench AGAIN... Ah but something changed ! He brought me a piece of cake he made (he's very good at cooking) ! It was delicious !

external image om_nom_nom_nom_cat_bites_dog-s550x416-14766-580.jpgAS DELICIOUS AS THIS CUTE DOGGIE !!! MUAHAHAHA !!!!!! external image onionhead059.gif

Uh, well. When I finished the piece of cake, we had another walk... then we sat on another bench. There were nobody near us. I wanted to confess but I didn't dare to say it directly... The only thing I said was that he was a very important important person (...not that kind of VIP ok ? lol) to me. Then he stood up, hugged me and said "I love you.".

At first I was like :external image onionhead080.gifand then I was like : external image onionhead064.gif and I hugged him too (No, we didn't kiss ! We were too shy...).

We're a happy couple now ! Ah by the way ! Some couples have a special song... but WE HAVE SOMETHING ELSE... : a milkshake ! Yeah, it sounds quite ridiculous but it's cool !!

So we have no special songs... but here are some love songs I like.

(I can't see the videos, maybe the link is broken)

Hi Victoria, I'm your teacher. Well done!!! Just remember to put the number of the task and the date. Go on that way!!!!!11B21C~14.GIFa_.jpg (October 11th)

Maybe my brain melted down... I don't know where to start ! k-on155.gif

First assignment - task numbah one : Hi it's Vicky ! :D

First of all, I'll introduce myself.
My name's Vicky, I'm 17 years old... I'm half French, half Spanish ! I was born in Paris and I lived there for twelve years, but I moved to Spain 5 years ago ! So I speak both languages with no problems (well, there are still some Spanish words or expressions I don't understand...)

So... now it's time to describe myself... I have dark blonde hair, brown/dark green eyes, very big eyebrows... I'm not very tall but it's okay. I'm left-handed !
Errr what else ? I...

external image seal2.jpeg

About my hobbies :
I'm crazy about drawing, it's what I like most. I'm addicted to manga/anime, cute stuff, my boyfriend even if he's stupid, and tries to turn off the laptop right now...! FEDE YOU'RE HOPELESS !!
I like all the thing I've just mentioned, ah and music ! My favourite music genders are j-pop (japanese pop), rock and heavy metal sometimes. My favourite band is The Birthday Massacre.
But I can't stand reggaeton ! Seriously, it's the biggest trash I've ever heard !higurashinonakukoroni-31.gif


My family :
I live with my parents and I've got 2 pets : a big fat cat and a little bro !
My father's name is Didier (my French side comes from him), he's 63 years OLD VERY OLD (I'm so mean...). My mother's name is Elena (my Spanish side comes from her!), she's 47.
My little bother, OOPS, I mean, brother, is 12 years old, and his name is Henry. He's good at sports, not like me ! I don't like it !
My pet's name is Calinou, he's 9 years old. He's big, fat, lazy... but I love him ! He's really cute ! Even if my boyfriend can't stand him... (he's jealous !)
Now I'll talk about Fede, my boyfriend, he's my future husband after all external image disp_onion20.jpg He's 19.
He has dark brown hair, his eyes are also dark brown, they're almost black.

Mah Frieeeeends :
My best friend's name is Cristina, she's 18. She's from Siruela, my grandma's village (and her village too of course...!) but this year she's studying in Murcia, now we can hang out whenever we want, we don't have to wait for holidays ! She has brown hair and blue eyes, she's very cute ! I call her "Onee-chan", which means "Big sister" in japanese. She's like my heart sister !
I have other good friends too, Adri, Miguel and Paco, they're friends from my old high school.

...Great, now I don't know how to end this ! k-on155.gif