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Hi, I'm your teacher again. Where are your tasks? SECOND EVALUATION01-f.gif

March 12th-2012

OK Wendy, well done!!!04.gif FIRST EVALUATION- Dec 4th

Fourth assignment:


The martenitsa IS not a religious tradition, it is a pagan tradition, Bulgarian, which lasts the entire month of March. IT is performed to welcome spring. Baba Marta is saying peace and mercy.People often buy the martinitsa in quantity to give to family, friends and people who are very important to them.


Third assignment:

My favorite drink is the Nestea, I usually drink a lot, when it's time to eat, when I go to dinner, or when I want.Also I ask when I go to a bar with my friends and when I do not drink alcohol. I love that there are times when you prefer to drink Nestea before drink water.



Second assignment:




My first date was with my ex boyfriend.He asked for help to friends, for dinner on the beach, put a table and chairs a few feet before the shore, in every cornertorches and candles on the table. I was speechless I found all of movie, but I liked a lot, also I had fun because my friends were our waiters.

After that surprise me many more, until it was decided to ask me to be his girlfriend.

when I asked what gave me a string with the initial of my name.



Firts assignment:

229302_2076740641745_1341858436_32553451_8316309_n.jpgSAM_2739.JPGHello my name is Wendy,
I have AM 19 years,
I am Peruvian and I live in Molina de Segura for almost four years.
My hobbies are dancing, shopping, playing sports, hanging out with my friends and travelLing.also one of my hobbies is drawing and practice Portuguese and Italian, because when I was little my uncles taught me and since then I really like.


One of my best friends is Pierina, is almost like my sister, she knows everything about me, and although we are far continue to communicate.


my other good friends are Laura, Belen, Alicia, and Miyumi. They are the best and We had fun Together.


With my family i get along very well, I can trust them for anything, we usually discuss with my sister but they are only little things, with my parents tend to have fun activities on weekends.